Magazine Layouts

I think a mix of these would work for the magazine. Since it’s like a step by step kind of magazine, then I would want multiple pictures of different steps with the text next to them. The big picture would be the final product.

Color Palettes

I wanted to make sure that the color palettes I choose would have some sort of brown or tan color along with it. I wanted the colors to compliment the pupusas images that would be used.

Fake Magazine Title

Title: Hispanic Cooking

Magazine Story Layout Post 2

Pupusas are made of think hand- made corn or rice tortillas. The most popular fillings are cheese, cheese with refried beans, and chicharrón, but you can put anything you want in it. People typically eat it with curtido, fermented cabbage with chillies and vinegar, or tomato sauce. Typically you eat them by hand.