Final Project- Written Assignment

So for my final project I chose the word skittish, using biomorphic shapes and using directional conflict. Skittish, when I looked up the word, was defined as nervous, scared, jittery and excitable. So for my project I wanted to convey skittish as my biomorphic shapes running in a certain direction which would is the focal point. I wanted to make it seem as though there were running off into the distance. Since the biomorphic shapes are running diagonally, to make a directional conflict I added red-violet paint to the yellow- green shapes. The entire piece was used, and I used one-point perspective to show the background from the foreground. I used the lighter colors that I had in the foreground, and I made the light colors look like they were getting darker as they were heading towards the focal point. The primary focal point is the dark background that the shapes are heading towards. The illusion of space and perspective was what the dark colors in the back and light colors in the front were supposed to do. Complementary colors were used when trying to make contrast to the yellow green color with the red violet colors.

The word that I was trying to convey was skittish, and I made the biomorphic shapes run away from something unseen out of the painting to the vanishing point of the painting. I was trying to convey that whatever was scaring the shape, was so horrible that the shape was willing to run blindly into the darkness. So I used one-point perspective to make the vanishing point and to make the angle that I had to draw the biomorphic shape in.

I thought that my paint mixing was pretty successful, but the colors that I chose weren’t. When looking at my finished product, I should have maybe lighten the green a bit so it wouldn’t fade into the background so much. Also, maybe I should have also used directional lines in it as well. Also, I feel like that I don’t have much negative space as maybe I should have, so making more negative space would have been better. I feel like the entire page is active. Attention to craftsmanship, not so much, because while painting this, paint went over the borders. So I tried to cover them up with white paint. I feel like this piece does scream out skittish.