Visual Arts Seminar


First painting monochromatic: It shows my lack of skill with paint and brushes. Before this painting, I never actually used paint for capturing what I see, only for covering other things. It was difficult trying to work with paint when it wanted to mix with everything on my picture plane. At this point it was difficult to make sharp edges.


My second painting limited palette: Mixing and blending has gotten better, but my composition is lacking. I knew it was, but I wanted to do a simpler painting since my last proved to be way too much for a first time. But this just had too little. My lines are still not as sharp as it could be.


Third painting Full palette: This is better than my last two paintings. Since my second painting was lacking in composition, I made an effort to make a better composition. Since discovering color faceting, I thought that it could be easier for me to just look at the shapes of color that the actual objects. This turned out better than I anticipated. Even the glass bottle I’m mildly surprised that it came out so well. But the metal watering can could have came out better. I’m glad I did color faceting.